-   ABOUT US  -


Barker BBQ is a home-grown bbq company that started as an Instagram page sharing pictures of the latest cooks in our backyard and grew to a company selling rubs.


Our rub line includes Country Espresso, Sweet Lou, House Blend, and Baby Got Beef. We use premium local ingredients from our friends at Spiceology and Tom Sawyer Country Coffee, so you can expect the best from Barker BBQ every time.  Our goal for the line was to have a rub perfect for anything from brisket to beets.

Ok, we haven’t tried a rub on beets. But you get the idea.

We’re proud to offer our line, and will be adding merchandise to the store soon as well (so subscribe to stay tuned!). As a small, homegrown business we couldn’t be more thankful for your support.

Now get to smokin’