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BBQ and Grilling Gift Guide Christmas 2020

It's been a rough year, although we see one benefit: Covid has us all cooking more at home, and hopefully grilling and BBQing more. Below are a few of my favorite things to get on your Christmas shopping list for yourself or that person who loves to bbq and grill.

Barker BBQ Rub Combo Pack

Our Combo pack has every cook covered: use for grilling, cooking, or sprinkle over your popcorn. Our family run-business works hard to provide these top of the line rubs, and we appreciate every single order.

Right now is our best sale of the year: get $10 off our combo pack or rubs for you or a loved one. Click HERE to get directly to our combo pack and use code "Christmas2020" at checkout for $10 off. Included in the combo pack are all 4 of our rubs that make the perfect Christmas gift for someone else or the perfect gift for yourself to up your bbq game.

Cook Books

Below are links to the 4 cookbooks that have taught me the most and helped me become a better backyard and professional Pitmaster. The Aaron Franklin box set makes for an amazing Christmas present for anyone into grilling and bbq!

This two volume set has both of Aaron Franklin's BBQ cookbooks. Learn from the owner of the most popular BBQ restaurant in America: everything from professional BBQ to cooking steak in your back yard.

"Pitmaster" features accessible recipes from pit masters across the entire US. Excellent recipes, and the best photography I've seen in a cookbook. This one is a must-have.

"Praise the Lard" is full of recipes and stories by legendary Pitmaster Mike Mills. As the name implies, these recipes won't help your waistline but will sure impress your family and friends.

Thermapen MK4

Time and temperature are the key to good BBQ, and how to achieve professional level results at home. There are A TON of options out there for meat thermometers but the Thermapen MK4 (by Thermoworks) is the gold standard that every backyard cook or professional chef should have. This thermometer is durable, accurate and will stand up to the test of time so is worth the investment. Buy once and always nail your internal meat temperatures. If you are not cooking by monitoring your meats internal temp this will make all the difference in your finished results.

Pig Tail Food Flipper

The days of messing with your kitchen spatulas on the grill have come to an end. These Pig Tail flippers are the best tool you've never heard of. Quickly flip meat, avoid making a mess and most importantly these flippers won't ruin or rub off the bbq rub and bark you worked so hard for (unlike a spatula).

Wooden Grill Brush

Keeping your grates clean and free of debris will not only extend the life of your grill or smoker, but will certainly make your food taste better. This wooden brush option erases the danger of a bristle showing up in your food while still being as effective as a wire brush.

Kamado Joe Classic III

The grill and smoker to do everything from burgers and dogs to a full size brisket. If you are looking for a gift to show off to the neighbors and have a major backyard upgrade this is the one for you. Packed with the most features of any smoker/grill on the market, there is not a better smoker to learn on or to continue to perfect your years of smoking experience.

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Do you have any must have accessories you would add to this list? Shoot me a message on Instagram and let me know! @barkerbbq