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Reverse Sear Tri Tip

Im a Tri Tip Junkie, the Trip Tip craze has officially hit the Pacific North West (PNW) and I am on that train! the Trip Tip is a triangular shaped cut from the bottom sirloin, typically weighing 3-4 pounds for the whole cut. It was made most popular in Central and Southern California where it is grilled whole in Santa Maria style barbecue.

We are going to cook over charcoal in the reverse sear style. With a reverse sear the goal is to start the grill and get our temperature to 225 -250 degrees, we will cook the whole Trip Tip in that temperature range until the internal temperature hits between 110-115 degrees then we will let the charcoal get very hot and sear the steak on both sides until an internal temperature of 125 degrees is reached in the most thick part of the Trip Tip. The goal here is to get an extremely evenly cooked piece of meat. Pink from end to end. With s thick piece of meat, this cooking method works very well. With that out of the way lets dive in...we will hit all sorts of detail below.

I found a Snake River Farms American Wagyu Tri Tip at the store and had to grab it, it came out of the packaging looking like this:

I decided to do a little trimming, I wanted all the white exterior fat removed and all the silver skin taken off. This Trip Tip is going to have so much intramuscular fat we won't need any of this exterior fat to keep it juicy. After the trim it looked like this:

Time for some seasoning, I added a thin layer of olive oil and then hit it with our Baby Got Beef rub.

Time to fire up the grill, I cooked on a Big Green Egg XL, I used a JJ George Grill Torch to light a baseball size amount of coals, got the grill to 250 degrees then threw the steak on the indirect side.

Cook indirect until internal temperature is 115 degrees in the thickest part of the meat.

When you hit 115, move the meat over the coals, sear, flipping every minute of so until internal temp hits 135 degrees (medium rare).

For rare pull off the grill at 125, medium rare 135 and medium 145. Please don't go past medium, nobody wants to see or eat that. Let the meat rest for 5-10 minutes then its time to slice.

Below you can see the first cut to be made, on the left of the knife the grain is running down and to the left, to the right of the knife the grain is running straight down, we want to cut across both grains so we will separate the meat into two pieces then start cutting.

After the first cut it will look like this:

Slice the left side first cutting against the grain like this:

Then slice the other side like this:

You will end up with a fully cut Tri Tip that looks like this:

And thats all there is to it. A simple reverse sear and cutting against the grain and its ready to serve! Dig in!


1 Tri Tip

Olive Oil

Baby Got Beef Rub


1. Trim the fat off the exterior of the meat.

2. Coat in a light layer of olive oil and apply rub. Let sit for 15-20 minutes at room temperature before putting on smoker.

3. Cook at 250 degrees until internal temperature is 110-115 degrees.

4. Move to direct cooking area and sear until internal temperature of 135 for medium rare.

5. Rest 5-10 minutes then slice against the grain, serve hot.


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