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We all know there is only two parts to every great surf and turf. The Surf and the Turf. Some sort of seafood and some sort of (usually) beef. At our house a meal like this doesn’t happen all too often, usually only for some special occasion. We decided to change that: why not cook up some surf and turf in the middle of snow and ice? After all, all that really matters is The Surf and The Turf right?! Here’s what we are working with:

Quality meat all the way around is essential. I grabbed a nice looking Certified Angus ribeye with marbling on par with prime (in my opinion). Our beef rub for today is our Barker BBQ Baby Got Beef rub

We went with #13 shrimp (that just means it takes 13 shrimp to make a pound, this is how most places will measure out your shrimp. The lower the number the bigger the shrimp). For our shrimp seasoning we used Spiceology’s Lemon Pepper . These two rubs compliment each other well in the meal.

First thing to get on a grill is the steak. We are going to be cooking the two different meats with different techniques: the steak will be a reverse sear and the shrimp will be a simple sear over very hot heat at the very end of the cook. A reverse sear means that we are going to slowly raise the temperature of the steak and then right at the end of the cook we will sear over high heat to get a great crust.

We added a little oil (Olive Oil) to the steak and hit it with a nice even coat of our Baby Got Beef seasoning and let it sit and sweat for around 10-15 minutes for the rub to really work into the meat.

After giving the rub a few minutes to work in I threw it onto my Rec Tec Grills Stampede.

We left the steak on the Rec Tec for around 30 minutes at 250 degrees until the internal temperature was around 115 degrees. While the steak was coming up to temperature we prepped the shrimp.

Our shrimp came de-veined so we just took the shells off, put them on the skewers, and seasoned them with some Lemon Pepper from Spiceology. The shrimp may be ready to be cooked, but the steak isn’t quite done yet. These shrimp will cook completely in about 2 minutes over hot coals so we can come back to the shrimp after the steak is completely cooked and resting.

To get the reverse sear on the steak, either take the meat off when it gets to 110-115 and let it rest while you get the grill really hot and put it back on for the final sear, or have another grill really hot and ready and move it to that one right away for the sear.

Having a couple different grills outside we went with the 2 grill approach.

We took some FOGO Charcoal and got it lit up in our PK 360 for our second (searing) grill. The idea is to create a 2 zone cooking grid where you have hot coals on one side and no coals on the other, that way when something is done cooking we can move it over to the cool side of the grill to rest until we we are ready to eat. Our grill setup looked like this:

Once the steak hit its internal temperature of 110-115 it was time for the sear. We seared until we hit an internal temperature of 135 degrees then moved it to the cold side of the grill to rest. I’m a fan of flipping multiple times during the cook to get a great crust on the meat and no spots that end up overly charred. The lid of the grill remained open the entire time.

Onto the shrimp. This will be a super fast part of the cook. Have a quality digital meat thermometer handy because the last thing we want to do is overcook the shrimp. I like to pull shrimp at 130-135 degrees. For this cook we had our handy ThermoWorks ThermoPop.

As soon as your shrimp hits temp it’s time to eat! Your steak will have had a few minutes to rest, so gather up the meat and head inside (or outside if you aren’t in frigid cold temps like we are). A couple ribeyes cooked like this and shrimp on the side make one heck of a dinner! If you can get a recipe like this down you won’t find a better meal at a steak house that’s 50-60 dollars a plate.

Surf & Turf – Steak and Shrimp

Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 1 hour Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes


1 per person Ribeye Steaks

8 per person Shrimp

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1 tbsp per steak Barker BBQ Baby Got Beef

1 tbsp per 8 Shrimp Spiceology Lemon Pepper


Coat steak with thin layer of olive oil. Add layer of Baby Got Beef rub and let steak sit at room temperature for 10-15 minutes.

Heat an indirect cooker (ideally a smoker) to 250 degrees and put the steak in the cooker. Watch the internal temperature of the steak closely.

While the steak is slowly coming up to temperature, prep your shrimp.

Remove shell of shrimp and de-vein if it has not been done at the store. Coat shrimp in olive oil and then toss with Lemon Pepper. Add shrimp to skewers.

Prep your hot cooking area, I like to cook over a hot lump charcoal fire.

When the steak reaches 115-120 degrees internal temperature move to the hot grill and sear both sides. Flip the steak every 30 seconds until it reaches internal temperature of 135 degrees. 135 degrees = medium rare.

After steak is at 135 degrees remove it and let it rest at room temperature. Sear shrimp directly over hot coals flipping every 10-15 seconds until shrimp reaches 135 degrees internal temperature. 


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